The Fun Way to Grade: Customized Grading Stamps

If you are a teacher, you might have to comment on pupils’ work hundreds of times a day. And this is not the highlight of teaching activity. However, it has to be done. If you are currently using stamps in your class, you might have already heard about grading stamps. They are cool tools used by successful teachers, and you can benefit from them, too. You will not only save time grading pupils, but also get the message through much clearer.

If you are just thinking that the stamp will not be able to replace your personal comments, you need to know that you can order and buy customized rubber stamps as well. That means: you can create your own style, include your favorite saying, and that way make the stamp unique. Add some personality to your grading, while you are still getting the work done. New methods have made it possible to create these special teaching tools to the highest standards, using high quality rubber and self-inking technology. You can even get pupils to role-play with the stamps, and parents will surely appreciate your comments much more than if you were just writing comments in the workbook.

You might be thinking that the only place you can buy rubber stamps is a craft shop. This was the case twenty years ago. Thanks to the Internet, you can review, select and order high quality products, and also have an option to customize them to your taste at sites such as There are some great must-have collections and special edition grading stamps featured on most of these sites, and you will not have to wait for weeks until they get delivered. If you are getting a class budget from your school, you should be allowed to use it as you like. If you are getting your own teaching supplies, you will have a wide range of options to review.

Time management is just as important for schools as classroom management. Using rubber stamps as motivational tools are one of the most effective methods to keep children engaged in activities, homework and class work. You can save time by using grading stamps, and also manage classroom behavior much better. You will be able to further motivate keen to learn pupils, and encourage the ones who are left behind. You will soon realize that you have much more time to spend with activities in class, if you can cut your administration to the minimum. You will be able to get kids engaged, and use the stamp graphics for various craft projects, too.


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